"an illuminating experience"

"Working with Joanna has been an illuminating experience. She is intuitive, skillful and truly in tune with her clients. Her guidance has supported me to change many perceptions and move on goals with a new understanding of myself. I highly recommend Joanna as a professional coach."  

-Melody Pourmoradi CEC, AADP, Long Island, NY



What People Are Saying


"beyong Life Coaching"

"Joanna is a sensitive and skilled life coach.  My session with her began with goal setting and practicalities and evolved into deeper healing work on emotions that had been holding me back.  Her ability to intuitively tune in to exactly what the client needs and adeptly guide the session in directions that will provide maximum benefit is what makes her work so powerful.  I would call her sessions "beyond life coaching" as they delve into inner areas of ourselves that are harder to reach.  I felt freer, more present, and more aligned to my life path after my work with her.  I highly recommend taking the step to work with Joanna!"

-Tara Cuskley, Psy. D., Heal & Renew Therapy, NYC

"fulfilling my goals and dreams"

"I feel grateful to have worked with Joanna. She is a gifted coach, whose presence, empowering questions and sincere curiosity has assisted me in transforming my life.She created a safe space, an openness, for me to explore what was happening in my life. She supported and guided me, as I became aware of what I wanted and hoped for. These revelations have assisted me toward fulfilling my goals and dreams. I felt completely supported by her throughout this life-changing journey. Thank you Joanna!!"

-Dorothy Blagrove, CPC, Arlington, VA

"I am forever grateful"

"I have had the pleasure of being both coached by Joanna and a recipient of her Reiki.  The work she does is powerful.  She brought herself fully each time and she is a strong advocate for her clients. I feel completely supported and safe when I work with her.

While being coached by Joanna, we came (a few times) to places where I tried sidestepping an issue that I was there to work on. Nope! Try as I might, I couldn't slide it by Joanna. She held me accountable each time. So there I was face to face with my stuff, the mirror inches from my face. Joanna supported me by holding me there as I faced myself and also supported me by being fully present. I was not alone, Joanna was with me every step of the way and I am forever grateful. Ever have a friend who really, truly has your back and takes no crap? It was like that.

What can I say about experiencing Reiki by Joanna except wow! Gentle, powerful and effective. There was nothing but a sense of well being. I was truly impressed, and again, extremely grateful."

-Julie Morales, Hartsdale, NY

"I created a Roadmap for my Business"

"Joanna is an amazing person and life coach. Prior to being coached by her, I procrastinated moving forward with my business. She was so in-tune with my wants and needs and pinpointed my fears, that I moved through and released old blocks in the first session.

Through her coaching, I learned how to love and accept my inner child and let go of old wounds. I learned that I allowed the hurts to block me from my life’s path. Because of Joanna’s coaching, I created a roadmap for my business. Creating the business plan helped me in all aspects of my life. So much so, that other people asked me to train them how to do it for themselves.

All of this came from Joanna’s sessions. Sessions with her were practical, magical, and healing. If you are looking for a life coach, I highly recommend Joanna."

-Rachel Busch-Rubalcava, Attorney at Law, Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach; CFM-HC; CIN-HC, Chicago, IL


"Supportive and compassionate"

"When I first started working with Joanna, I was lacking self-confidence in areas of my life. Not only did she help me to explore the blocks that kept me from seeing my strengths, she helped me to clarify my goals so that I could move forward confidently.  Her coaching style is powerful and effective, as well as supportive and compassionate.  I am thankful to have worked with Joanna"  

-Betty Morisi, Founder of Pure Heart Journey LLC, NYC