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In Business Mastery, Tony teaches about the psychology of starting/owning a business.  He also takes you step by step through business strategies to create massive action towards achieving your dream business. Included was a lineup of amazing entrepreneurs and business leaders who shared their experiences and offered their expertise to the group.  

Here are some tips Tony shared to help you create the business of your dreams:

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  1. Proximity is Power:  You are the 5 people you spend your time with.  Never underestimate the opportunities that show up when you are surrounded by people who are where you want to be.
  2. Know your why and your purpose.  Tony delves into finding how what you have to offer will serve the world.  People are no longer drawn to just a product anymore, they are looking for inspiration, a story and a way to make a difference.  Why are you starting your business?  To bring more joy in the world? To be able to provide for you family? Just making money is not enough, you will not feel fulfilled if that is all you are chasing. You need some emotion attached to it to persevere when things don’t go exactly as planned and a true belief in yourself as you execute your plan.  For more info: This concept has been talked about by Simon Sinek in his famous: Ted talk  Simon wrote a book on it click here to check it out: Start With Why

  3. Practice makes Permanent:  If you want to be good at something keep doing it till it is permanent.  Whether it is exercise (think of Olympic Athletes and how they condition their bodies) or a skill/passion, when you practice it makes it permanent.  Repetitive action builds new pathways and neurological changes to your brain and through time it becomes easier.  

  4. Three Core beliefs you need to have to build the business or basically to get anything you want:  

    • It’s there:  In order to get what you want you have to believe it exists.

    • I will/must find it:  Nothing is going to stop you from getting what you want and you will keep trying no matter what

    • It’s totally worth it!:  You must believe that once you have achieved your goal, it is going to be worth it.

  5. Create Raving Fans:  When you think of some brands out there (i.e. Apple, Virgin Airways) they have created a raving fans out there. Adding more value to your customers than anyone else will allow you to dominate the marketplace.  Fall in love with your customers and they will fall in love with you and your business.  

  6. The best way to grow your business is through innovation and marketing.  How to do you do that?  Always adding more value to your products for your customers.  Marketing:  there are so many ways how you can market now with the internet and Social media.  

  7. Are you a Business Operator or a Business Owner?  Initially most people start their business as a Business Operator. You are the primary person who makes decisions and provides the service or product.  After some time if your business builds its resources and there is some room to hire others. However, most people believe they must continue to provide the services.  You can uplevel your business by transitioning from a Business Operator to a Business Owner. A Business Owner is able to train, hire and build a team to help manage the business and bring more clients.  This leaves you to spend your time doing what you truly want to do, whether it is your family or even creating a new business.  

  8. 3 gifts of service:  Are you a skill producer (Artist)? Are you a Manager/leader? Are you an Entrepreneur? Tony has a free online test click here to take it.   Once you find out your talent you can leverage that towards your business.  At the class, I had a hard time determining if I was an artist or a manager/leader, then I took the test and it calculated I was an entrepreneur. Confusion just means you are looking for another answer.    I believe we all have all 3 qualities in us.  We can call that part out when we need it but only 1 is your true nature.  When you cultivate your true talent, you can partner up with others to build the business you always wanted.  This was an eye opener for me.

  9. Be clear about your outcome and stop making it about you!  Move from asking “Am I good enough? To how am I here to serve you?  The pressure comes off and you are able to think clearly.  

  10. Ask different questions and you will get different outcomes.  Get curious to get you going.  The questions you ask can stop you from moving forward.  Ask:  What outcome do you want?  You will naturally move in that direction and the how will show up.  

  11. Maximize your resources by focusing on the solutions.

Source: Tony Robbins Business Mastery 01-2018

Business Mastery was an amazing event.  The energy and the information was priceless.  Like Tony said “Proximity is Power”.  I met so many people from all over the world and it was so nice to be part of the Tony Robbins community. It is such a supportive group.  

Now it’s your turn, let me know in the comments what you did to bring your business to the next level.  

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Success is doing what you want to do, when you want, where you want, with whom you want, as much as you want
— Tony Robbins