Finding Your Purpose

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Finding Your Purpose

Purpose  [pur-puh s]:  to set as an aim, intention, or goal for oneself. to intend; design. to resolve (to do something)

This blog’s sole purpose is to help empower, educate and help YOU find your true purpose.  Everyone has a special gift that needs to be shared with the world.  It is my goal to help you follow your dreams and have the courage to see them through.

In this blog I’ll share what I have learned so far.  

I will teach you how to you take massive action towards your vision. What does this mean?  In order to get to where you want to be YOU have to get clear about what you want and be willing to take action towards them.  I will detail tools to get there.  I truly believe that every person is whole, has the power and can cultivate a sense of agency to work towards whatever their heart wants.   I’ll teach you how to tap into your inspiration to get there.  

What I described above was Carl Rogers’ (humanistic psychologist) concept called “Unconditional Positive Regard”.  It is a basic acceptance and support of a person regardless of what the person says or does,

Carl Roger’s wrote “It is that the individual has within him or her self vast resources for self-understanding, for altering her or his self-concept, attitudes, and self-directed behavior—and that these resources can be tapped if only a definable climate of facilitative psychological attitudes can be provided.” (source wiki)

This blog will be a safe place where judgement is suspended, we can listen and collaborate together, knowing that each and every person has within himself/herself the ability to change, without actually changing who he/she is. This safe environment will give you the freedom to accept and take responsibility for yourself.

Now it’s your turn: 

What are your thoughts on Carl Roger’s concept of “Unconditional Positive Regard”?  Is there a situation you are struggling with that you feel is holding you back?  What if everyone acted with more Unconditional Positive Regard in their lives?  How could it transform your life and the world?

Please share your comments below.

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